Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile disorders, a term also called impotence, is the inability of men to have a normal erection. This disease should not be confused with causes that induce the inability to practice sex (eg. Absence of sexual desire, etc.).

This kind of disorders happens in different ways. For example, some men can not have an erection at all when some of them have a very short one.

Meeting such a problem, a large number of men refuse to consult a doctor, this because of shame or thinking that the problem will treat itself. Investigations in this domain have shown that more than 6 million of Europeans with erectile dysfunctions do not consult a doctor. Statistics shows that over 50% of men with the age greater than 40 years have met the erectile disorder phenomenon. A great part of them refuse any contact and communication with the specialists. Along with the sexual and psychological inconvenience, the male gender can be subjected to a possibility of severe cardiovascular disease. Symptoms of these diseases also include erectile problems.

The main factors that may cause the erectile dysfunction are:

- The Diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction, at sick people, this problem takes place much earlier (10-15 years) than to other men.

- Cardiovascular disorders: due to atherosclerosis, arteries that feed the penis with blood are bottomed and the organ does not receive the optimal amount of blood, thing that prevents the occurrence of erection.

- Men that reach an old age have a general weakening of the body and the occurrence of health problems have a negative impact on erection.

- Cholesterol in big amounts that persist for long period of time;

- Disorders of the nervous system affect the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain in a negative way.

- Psychological problems like stress and depression cause the absence and capacity of long sexual acts;

- A very common factor is smoking, it increases the risk of atherosclerosis;

- Excess of drug and alcohol cause disorders at the nervous system level. Nerve impulses are not sent normal and erectile disorder happens.

Rules that should be followed for a healthy sexual life.

Experts in the field offer very simple recommendations and easy to perform, practicing them will reduce to minimum risk of erection problems:

- Limited use or elimination of harmful factors (alcohol, smoking, etc.);

- Healthy food (do not eat products with a high content of cholesterol, preservatives, etc.);

- Preserve the vitamins and minerals balance in the body (especially zinc: chicken, turkey, nuts, yogurt, beef, lamb, salmon, cheese and milk, Vitamin E: almonds, broccoli, spinach, mango and wheat germ, etc. .)

- Avoid stress situations in order to grow the immunity to the stress and maintain psychological balance.

Here are presented some methods of treatment of erectile disease.

- Drug therapy (sildenafil citrate);

- Before sexual act, self-injection into the penis of a drug that stimulates erection;

- Vacuum device;

- Penile prosthesis;

- Vascular surgery.

In general, specialists use the drug therapy as a method of treatment in the erectile dysfunctions, they use different drugs to facilitate the erection. The most popular medicine used in the treatment of erectile disorders is (sildenafil citrate) ICEMAN, this drug helps to treat erectile problems and, even more, helps to prevent erectile dysfunctions.