Tolperisone 60 tabs x 50 mg


Each box contains 60 pills.


A pill contains 50 mg of Tolperisone.


In Tolperisone is indicated for use in the treatment of pathologically increased tone of the cross-striated muscle caused by neurological diseases (damage of the pyramidal tract, multiple sclerosis, myelopathy, encephalomyelitis) and of spastic paralysis and other encephalopathies manifested with muscular dystonia.

Other possible uses include:



Cervical and lumbar syndromes

Arthrosis of the large joints

Obliterating atherosclerosis of the extremity vessels

Diabetic angiopathy

Thromboangiitis obliterans

Raynaud's syndrome

Contra - indications:

Manufacturers report that tolperisone should not be used in patients with myasthenia gravis. Only limited data are available regarding the safety in children, youths, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is not known whether tolperisone is excreted into mother's milk.


According to the prescribing information. Adults usually take three times a day 150 mg. The maximum daily dose is 600 mg. In some groups of patients, dosage adjustments are necessary.

Medical action:

Being, centrally acting muscle relaxant, tolperisone acts at the level of the spinal cord by blocking sodium channels and calcium channels. Tolperisone exerts its spinal reflex inhibitory action predominantly via a presynaptic inhibition of the transmitter release from the primary afferent endings via a combined action on voltage-gated sodium and calcium channels.

Tolperisone increases the blood supply to skeletal muscles; this action is noteworthy since a muscle contracture may compress the small blood vessels and induce an ischemia leading to the release of pain stimulating compounds.

Tolperisone causes preferential antinociceptive activity against thermal stimulation that is likely to be attributed to its local anesthetic action.

Tolperisone causes muscle relaxation by its action on the central nervous system. It also leads to membrane stabilization & has analgesic activity. This muscle relaxation is dose dependent.


Tolperisone hydrochloride tablets are contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients of the formulation. Tolperisone is contraindicated in patients suffering from myasthenia gravies and in patients. Since no well-controlled studies have been carried out with the drug in pregnant and lactating women; tolperisone should be used with caution in such patients keeping the risk-benefit ratio of the drug.

Side effects:

It may cause excessive sweating, urticaria or erythema. Also, may lead to GI upset with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence or dryness of the mouth.


If an overdose situation happens seek emergency help.